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Now in London... by way of New York, Boston, Hong Kong, and Philadelphia.


In fifth grade, Samm decided she didn't want to have a boy's nickname and started writing "Sam" as "Samm". She likes to think this showed great individuality and creativity... not to mention a deep understanding of homophones.

Since then, Samm has moved from Hong Kong, where she lived with her parents and younger brother for seven years, to Massachusetts, where she attended high school at Milton Academy and studied sociology at Harvard College, to New York City, where she set out to pursue a career in dance and eventually joined the award-winning media company Refinery29.

 In 2015, eager to experience more of the world, she and her boyfriend Aaron shared a seedling thought that they would, maybe one day, perhaps at some point in our lives, like to live and work internationally.

In January 2017, they made their first joint visit to London... exploring neighborhoods, having tea, seeing friends, and getting a feel for the place. In August 2017, they moved! 

Samm now lives in Angel and works as Director, Strategy & Client Services at Refinery29 UK.  This is her attempt to remember her travel adventures forever.



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